Logo Barbalonga
Logo Barbalonga

Dream, Wait, Hope and Fulfillment: the story of our product.


The story begins with our DREAM, a small plot of land at the foothill of Monte Orfano, right at the heart of Franciacorta.
A locus amoenus where harmony and peace of the mythological golden age are still very much alive.


In 1988, with great sacrifices, we bought the plot of land of our dreams: a
centuries old tangle of weeds is soon replaced by a vineyard. Our vineyard.
It’s the beginning of the WAIT, joy and dismay.

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In 2011, finally the first grapes from a very young vineyard.
Harvesting wasdone by carefully selecting and hand picking every single grape,
using smallboxes and small tractors due to the narrow dirt road taking to the vineyard.


In the following years our dream grows and we add another small vineyard to
experiment with new cuveé.
Our plots of lands differ in their morphology, stratification and solar exposure:
this is why each harvest is unique and yields a wine with a strong personality.

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A tribute to the territory.